Monday, November 23, 2009

Chrome OS is valuable

Today's Joy of Tech cartoon perfectly illustrates the value of Google Chrome OS. People fear the cloud because they don't own the hardware where their data is stored. The value of having that data stored by Google is that they have multiple datastores all over the world that retain a copy of your stuff. Can you do that with your hardware?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google's Chrome Extension Library is one step closer

Chromium and Chrome Dev: Google's hosted Chrome Extension Library now has a landing page instead of a redirect to or just

This appears to be new this morning, though links to this page appeared in the New Tab Page of both Chromium and the Chrome Dev Branch a few days ago. I thought it odd that Google would start putting out links to a page that didn't exist yet, but they seem to be rectifying that quickly.

Another thing I noticed is that the site is secured. Obviously they are taking the security of extension installing very seriously, just like Mozilla.

Of course there has been a great collection of Chrome/Chromium extensions over at for a while now. It seems there are a few new extensions added every day. My favorites: